Skincare made in Lithuania

MATH Scientific products are developed in a certified laboratory of the Center for Physical and Innovation Sciences in Vilnius, Lithuania. The laboratory employs chemists with experience in developing effective facial care products.

The most up-to-date, highly sensitive scientific equipment and the highest raw, quality materials are used. Skilled professionals under exceptional working conditions are one of the reasons why MATH Scientific products work from the first to the last drop.

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A philosophy inspired by the mountains of Scandinavia

We are minimalists. We know that less noise and less complexity create more space for creativity, discovery and self-confidence.

The idea for MATH Scientific was born in the mountains of Scandinavia, where watching the world from its high peaks begins to look simpler, more transparent and calmer. The clarity and inspiration we experience in the mountains is our guide and dictate the philosophy we follow on a daily basis – less is more.

The clean, non-aggressive and effective composition of scientific formulations allows your skin to return to its natural state, where everything works optimally and only for your benefit. As it should be.

We do science so you can feel completely confident using our products.

We believe in science so you can believe in yourself

The combination of ingredients used in our skincare products helps to create conditions that put your skin in its zone of biological comfort. This is why every cell successfully regenerates without experiencing stress. The skin looks fresh, smoother, vibrant and youthful.

We have developed skincare products that help nourish the skin at a cellular level. We use methods and ingredients based on the latest scientific discoveries and MATH products are our way of bringing the benefits of science to your daily life.

Let’s embark on a journey full of the latest discoveries, mindful solutions and the highest quality standards.

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The Center for Physical and Innovation Sciences

Our entire team constantly strives to maintain the highest standards in creating our products, with the most up-to-date, highly sensitive scientific equipment and the highest raw, quality materials.

How to use MATH Scientific serums?

Using the right amount of a product and preparing your skin before the application can do wonders if you want to achieve the best version of your natural skin. Let the glow begin.